The Company has awards that it makes to recipients who have carried out an act of bravery, charitable work and also non trade members who support the Licensed Hackney Carriage trade. There is also a Military Award which is made each year to a recipient within our Military affliation with 20 Transport Squadron Royal Logistics Corps.



Private Richard Wise of 20 Transport Squadron - with whom the WCHCD have a long-standing military affiliation. Pte Wise was deployed to Afghanistan, in the Helmand province, in 2013, where he was tasked with resupplying forward operating bases with urgent supplies and equipments from the Main Operating Base, Camp Bastion.

Since returning to the UK Pte Wise has completed details in support of the Royal Household, transporting the Royal Family’s personal belongings between Royal residences including Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. He has also driven for Senior Officers from within London District and also been selected to drive a Royal Medal recipient at Buckingham Palace.

Pte Wise is well respected by his peers and the Chain of Command alike and was singled out by his Commanding Officer to receive the Worshipful Company of Hackney Carriage Drivers Military Award.


Mr Anton Haynes

Anton Haynes first gained his taxi driver's licence back in 2002 and in 2015, with his friend (and fellow taxi driver, Michael Archibald) set up the Taxi Sandwich Run, handing out sandwiches, wraps, rolls and drinks to homeless people from outside Charing Cross Police Station. Each night they would hand out food to around 130 homeless people. Anton is also a trained Samaritan and he has worked with the Samaritans, and the Charity Crisis, for over thirteen years. Anton has got to know many of the homless people on the taxi sandwich run by name and he has helped many find accomodation and employment. Every Christmas for over thirteen years Anton commits a sizeable amount of his personal time to the Crisis chairty, helping those at one of the most challenging times of the year. Anton is also a reliable contributor to the Children's Magical Taxi Tour, where he helps ferry seriously ill children to Disneyland Paris each year and he has taken part each year for 12 years. Anton is also a regular driver on the trip to Southend each year for Underpriveleged Children, and on the trip to Maldon for disabled children and he even finds time to help out his disabled next door neighbour. Anton Haynes is the recripient of the 2017 WCHCD Charity Award.


The Hitch Award for Bravery is named after Private Fredrick Hitch, of 'B' Company. 24th Regiment of Foot, South Wales Borderers. Hitch was a Rifleman, awarded the Victoria Cross during the Zulu War for Valour after the battle of Rorkes Drift, Natal Province, in South Africa. Hitch later went on to become a London Licensed Hackney Carriage Driver.This the most prestigious award and is only given to those few drivers who have shown outstanding courage above and beyond that expected from their normal duties of driving a 'Cab'.

HITCH AWARD 2017 - Mr Darren Kenny

Awarded at the Liverymen’s Dinner in November 2017, Darren kenny is the most recent recipient of the WCHCD Hitch award for bravery.

On the evening of June 3 2017 Darren Kenny found himself caught up in the horrific terrorist incident on London Bridge and Borough Market. Darren, who has been a London cabdriver for 16 years, was in the vicinity of a terrorist attack by three men who jumped out of a van wearing suicide vests (later found to be fake) carrying large knives and began stabbing innocent bystanders who were out for an enjoyable evening.

Darren who remained calm in the ensuing chaos began to ferry frightened and disorientated people away from danger in his cab free of charge, returning several times and even refusing passengers who wanted to hire him to concentrate on getting people out of the area. One of these people later took a picture of Darren’s cab and took to Facebook in an appeal to track him down to thank him for his actions. Without this appeal we may never have known of Darren’s brave and unselfish act.

Eight people lost their lives and 40 more were injured in this cowardly attack and the three perpetrators were eventually shot and killed by the Police. Without the actions of people like Darren that summer evening it is fair to say many more of the public could have also been innocent victims.

Mr Darren Kenny receives the Hitch Award for Bravery 2017.


This award is giving each year to the individual who the Company feels has made a valued contribution over many years, to greatly enhance the reputation of London’s Licensed taxi trade.

John Sheen is nothing short of legendary within the London Taxi Trade. 

Born in December 1938  at Howard home Plaistow, John went to Sandringham school Forest Gate, where he became form captain, year captain and School Captain all in his last year at school. In 1953 at 15 years of age he went to work as a solicitor’s clerk at Mansion house. At 18 he went to work for printers in Tower Hill, where he met the love of his life. At 19 he did his National service in the RAF, being sent to Singapore where he was a tape relay officer. Eventually being sent into the Malayan Jungle for training, he finished his National Service in 1959.

He and that love of his life were married at St Andrews Church Southwark in March 1961. Four years later along came twin boys, John and Paul. While working as a printer he did the Knowledge of London and gained his Green badge in 1976. 

When the Worshipful Company of Hackney Carriage Drivers was first formed (then simply a 'Fellowship'), John immediately took up the mantle of the Company's Beadle, providing a sense of discipline, gravitas and order to the Company's functioning. Working closely with the Clerk it was John who set the scene for the great reputation the Company would earn.

When Prince Charles took his very first taxi trip in 2005, it was John Sheen who was selected to take him, earning a Royal 'tip' for his troubles. John repeated this historic trip in 2013 when he transported HRH The Prince Of Wales once more, this time to St Bartholomews Church where Prince Charles presented the WCHCD with thei Royal Charter.

John's contribution to charity over the years has been considerable, servcing the Children's Magical Taxi Tour and numerous charitable events. He also supported the Suzy Lamplugh Trust in their 'Safer Travel' campaign.

Now retired from driving a taxi John Sheen remains a leading light in our industry and a worthy recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award.



In this case the award is given to people outside the Trade, who in various ways promote the Licensed Trade.

Our recipient for the Friend of the Cab Trade Award 2017 is Ms Frances Luczyc Wyhowska.  

Frances was educated at the St Paul's School for Girls and then went onto St Catherine's College, Oxford where she gained an MA (Oxon) in Music.

From 1979 until 1996 frances worked at Chritie's King Street as Director of the Musical Intrument Dept. Frances became interested in the workings of the licensed London taxi trade and would often call in to talk radio discussions on the subject and went onto become a major campaigner for the trade, writing articles in publications such as the Evening Standard and Country Life as she felt the capital had good reason to be proud of its world class taxi industry.

Frances regularly writes to MP's, Councillors, the GLA and TfL and is always keen to point out to regulators the important part licensed taxis play in the London transport network. She uses her extensive network of contacts to highlight taxi trade issues, has joined demonstrations for the trade and fought the corner for London cabbies.

Frances is active in a number of taxi trade associated charities and is Vice Preseidnet of the Taxi Charity for Military veterans where she has raised signifcant sums of money for the charity.

Frances Luczyc Wyhowska is the receipient for the Friend of the Trade Award 2017.

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